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What is a Surety Bond?

A guarantee to the obligee that the principal will fulfill an obligation or series of obligations. In the event the principal fails to do so, the obligee will recover from the surety bond. The surety, through the indemnity agreement, will expect reimbursement from the principal.

How much do Surety Bonds cost?

Premiums vary from Client to Client depending on the type of bond, quality of financials & surety company. Bid bonds are usually free. There is usually just one charge for a combined Performance & Payment Bond. Depending on circumstances, these rates can average to be less than 1% of the contract price up to about 3% of the contract price. We would be happy to review your situation and let you know what rates roughly what rates you might be able to use, and further, tell you what you could do in the future to obtain lower rates in the future.

What information do I need to provide in order to get a bond?

That often depends on the size bond that is needed. If you need a bond under $500,000 the information required is much less. Sometimes, we only need a small application completed. For larger bonds, we usually need Personal Financial Statements, Last 3 year Corporate Financial Statements, Current Work on Hand, Evidence of Borrowing Capacity, Copy of your trade license & current certificate of insurance. Have a question about any of this information? Give us a call and we’ll work it out.

How do Surety Bonds work?

The Performance Bond guarantees to the owner/obligee that you will perform the work as per the terms of your contract. If you do not perform, the obligee may put you default and ask the surety to remedy. The options of the surety at that point are determined by the terms in the bond and your contract. The Payment Bond guarantees that you will pay your suppliers and subcontractors as per the terms of the applicable statute or terms of the Payment Bond. Depending on the bond form, this coverage may extend to tiers below your direct suppliers or subcontractors. If these vendors make proper claim on the Payment Bond, the surety may be required to pay these vendors directly. What differentiates a surety bond from insurance is that you are required to sign an indemnity agreement that states that if the surety incurs expenses or loss as a result of providing a bond for you, they expect that you will repay the surety. The terms of the indemnity agreement and State law dictate when or how the surety might pursue repayment.

What is the process to obtain a bond?

It is similar to applying for a bank loan. It gets more complicated if you need a large bond. If you need a bond under $500,000, we might be able to get it approved with minimal information if you have clean personal credit. For larger bond programs, we will need to obtain information from you that will allow the bonding company to understand your character, ability, and financial condition. How much information do we need? Best to give us a call and we’ll try to make it as simple as can. The process can be very fast, but it’s best if you discuss the pros and cons of various options so you do what’s best for you.

I have bad credit, can I still get a bond?

Yes. A lot of our sureties understand that after the Great Recession, not everyone has the best credit these days. We will need to dig into the cause of the credit issues (medical bills, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, etc.) so we can figure out the best Surety match. Ultimately, our goal is to help you obtain bonds while you work towards repairing your credit.

I need help understanding lien laws, what is a good resource?

Actually, we have quite a bit of experience with the lien laws and might be able to help you in that regard. We also have great resources in terms of construction-oriented attorneys who are very skilled at helping contractors.

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